Ceiling Drywall-On your Own

We’re back! While on vacation, I managed to get this video edited and ready for release!  With that, this weeks project is outside the shop.  Today, we’re patching ceiling drywall.  In this case there was a water leak from above and it damaged the ceiling and the flooring.  Water leaks can cause tons of damage and this is a perfect example of that. if you’ve ever dealt with drywall, or any building materials you have an idea how cumbersome a full size sheet can be. if you haven’t, well its like trying to hold your kitchen table up to the ceiling while trying to permanently secure it. it is possible to do by yourself, with some ingenuity, but even then it is still very frustrating and risky. today, we use a drywall lift to make the job go so so so much easier. We are starting with the ceiling and will also be doing paint and flooring to put this room back to its former glory.  The methods used here apply to a larger patch like this or even a whole ceiling and even a very small patch job.  If your in need of a drywall lift for your project, ive included a link to the one I have and it’s a great price and free shipping (at the time of this posting).  Side note, I am not sponsored by any manufacturers or retailers, however,  if you purchase this one through our link, your supporting our Blog and Channel as well. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing our post from this week, come back next week to see what we’ve been up to!


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