Barn Wood – Photo Web

Another week another project.  This week I cross off a project off my list that has been on the list for a long time, over a year actually.  A reclaimed wood photo web. I acquired a pile of barn wood from barn doors and some old cedar fence boards to use for this and a few other projects. As with any project I made a plan of how I wanted to make this thing.  Well it’s a simple project and I had a simple plan.  As often is the case, even the best plans need a backup plan.  I had intended to just keep it simple and not measure, and not use my drill or any other special tools other than the power saws, since I really didn’t think they were necessary.  I was wrong.  You can’t tell in the video since it was time lapse but I really struggled with the first handful of eyelets.  My fingers hurt since it was surprisingly difficult to turn them in the wood and this is a soft cedar wood that I figured would be very easy to screw these in.  Maybe it was cause they were so small…. I don’t know. 

Good luck on your projects this week.  Come back next week and see what were up to!


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